The Egan Printing Company—a Green Leader.

The Egan Printing Company serves a demanding and educated customer base that is concerned about the environment and our impact on it. As a responsible corporate citizen, we make sure we use the most environmentally friendly technology available today. In addition to compliance with all local, state and federal regulations, we have developed a comprehensive program that is recognized as one of the best in our industry.

We have led the way in adopting environmentally friendly practices, including:

  1. Zero Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) process ink
  2. Low VOC press and blanket wash
  3. Elimination of heavy metals from our workflow
  4. Elimination of alcohol from our workflow
  5. Extensive recycling program
  6. Streamlined workflow to minimize waste
  7. Computer-to-plate technology that eliminates film and processing chemicals
  8. Ph balanced plate development chemistry
  9. Digital printing with minimal waste
  10. Energy management strategy to include facility upgrades and renewable energy sources

The Egan Printing Company’s energy management strategy is a program to make our facility carbon neutral with minimal support from the utility company. We started our program in 2007 with an energy consultation from Nextant Energy Management. We are in the process of completely replacing our HVAC system with a far more efficient once, featuring capacitors, solar panels and a complete lighting upgrade.

The Egan Printing Company has implemented an employee incentive program to bring everyone into the green movement. Each quarter, all employees receive a bonus if we meet the environmental, OSHA and maintenance requirements in all work areas. This program has made everyone in the organization more aware of their decisions and willing to work hard to achieve our green goals.

We are proud of our record on workers’ rights for over 100 years. Every employee enjoys the rights and privileges of membership in the Teamsters Union, including superior wages, full benefits and employment protection.

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